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Crude efficiency air filters

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Crude efficiency air filters
Direct manufacturers in the rough efficient air filters in Crude efficiency air filters

Voni air purification technology ( Shanghai) Limited was established in 2004, and at the end of 2004 investment to build dust-free sterile equipment production base, the introduction of the most advanced clean asepsis room design / manufacturing professional and technical, professional high-quality dust-free sterile air filter ( HEPA, ULPA ) R & D, production and sales. The company's services include: business environment, airport, operation room, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, semiconductor factory, power plant, wind and other needs of various levels of air purification. The company has advanced technology, rich experience, quality of products in the world leading position, with the latest production equipment, professional technology and dedicated service.

The company production equipment : automatic mini folding type ( MINI-PLEAT ) filter production equipment, aluminum plate type filter production equipment, clean room, the United States imported MetOne plastic equipment test equipment.

The company's business scope includes: clean room early, middle and high efficiency filters, FFU fan filter unit ( Japanese companies producing motor), supporting the ceiling keel ( Ceiling Grid ), dust-free asepsis room of engineering design and construction, clean room equipment ( air shower, clean screen pass box, UNIT, CLEAN, pressure balancer, clean washing drying machine, clean rooms purification worktable, sticky mat ) and other supplies.

From our development of the long service life and low energy consumption type filter can give customers the 40% energy-saving effect, and can reduce the customer product replacement frequency, to reduce customer operating costs.

Note: the company can be customized non-standard size air filter, welcomes inquiries!

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