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Filter cotton canopy

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Filter cotton canopy
Filter cotton canopy roof filter cotton

Product characteristics:

By 1, high performance on the fracture resistance of silicon synthetic fiber.

2, the use of sequential encryption technology, after full dipping or spray processing.

In 3, the wind surface of the mesh to the glass fiber grid reinforcing stereotypes, strengthen the stability of the air filter and guide the uniform distribution of the laminar flow effect.

4, in line with Europe and the United States fire classification standard of DIN53438-F1 UL900-class2.

5, humidity resistance and strong, can be up to 100% relative humidity, moisture resistance, heat resistance up to 120 DEG c..

In 6, the filtration efficiency is: F5 ( weight efficiency: 98% ), the filtering precision is greater than or equal to 1um, stable filtering performance.

7, rolls or may be sliced supply.


1, paint, paint shop system for terminal fine filtering, is of high value and high quality paint baking process conditions.

In 2, installed in the vehicle assembly plant, or automotive paint paint shop, as roof filter cotton. Mounted on the automobile refinishing paint, paint room department roof ventilation equipment, as the final air supply filter cotton.

In 3, mounted on the requirements of high gloss and high polishing processing production workshop and paint the room as the ultimate air supply filter cotton.

For the correct use of good products, to ensure that the paint quality, must pay attention to the following matters:

In 1, replacement products, the first air inlet, ceiling, floor screen removed, the ventilation pipe, the dark corners and is easy to accumulate dust earnestly clear, and then close the paint door, turn on the fan air blowing about 1 hours.

2, installation of filter, filter and peripheral frame and shall not have any voids, the ceiling and air inlet filter installed, open the fan air blowing around 4 hours, followed by a second cleaning work, with Shangdi cotton, can be used.

Performance parameters:

Model TX-600G TX-560G AR-600G

( dipping treatment ) ( dipping treatment ) ( spray processing )

Filter level ( EN779 ) F5 F5 F5

The average weight efficiency 98% 95% 98%

0.25m/s 0.25m/s 0.25m/s test wind speed

Rated capacity of 900 m 3 /h 900 m 3 /h 900m 3 /h

Initial resistance of 30Pa 25Pa 30 Pa

Final resistance of 450 Pa 400 Pa 450 Pa

Dust holding capacity ( with resistance ) in 400 g/m 2300 g/m 2400 g/m 2

Continuous temperature 120 ℃

120 C

In 120℃filter thickness is 20± 2 mm 18 ±2 mm 20 ±2 mm

Standard size (volume ) 2.0m*20m*22mm

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