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Index > News > Income 5000 single men how to buy a house and a car

Income 5000 single men how to buy a house and a car

Date:2012-09-07  Click:14006

Income 5000 lone gens, how to buy a house and a car? Expert advice, don't regret oh.


S case material


Mr Qin this year, 26 years old, unmarried, the graduation work more than two years, is now in a joint-stock company, salary after tax 5000 yuan, in addition every year unstable income 3-40000 yuan. There is no fixed deposit, but the stock investment of 30000 yuan. Each month the main cost: rent 1000 yuan, board expenses 800 yuan, 100 yuan bill, transportation, 100 yuan, other miscellaneous fees 500 yuan.


S financial goals


1. In two years to purchase housing, total prices around 1 million, by parents to provide down, I pay for months.


2. Plan 3 years or so marry, and the purchase of cars a car (about 150000).


3. At the same time want to through the financing to after marriage child support education to prepare.


S basic financial situation analysis


Mr Qin is currently in a career stage, face a lot of problems, such as purchase, car, marriage and parenting. The first few annual meeting very hard, with work gradually stable, position to ascend, income increase, the balance will increase. The increase of the amount of the financial asset, stable returns will bring a stable income accumulation.


Mr Qin financial goals are young people regular life state. According to the current case, Mr. Qin monthly fixed charge 2500 yuan, the balance is 2500 yuan, balance accounts for more than 50% belong to a reasonable level. But, no fixed deposit, 3-40000 yuan income is not stable, these conditions that Mr Qin road to buy a house will not be so easy. Plan to purchase price 1 million yuan house, according to the proportion of 30% down payment, if 30 years on monthly payments for will be in 4000 yuan or so. Plus car demand and children JiaoYuJin preparation, Mr. Qin faces great expenditure gap. This requires that Mr Qin to the existing funds and future definite and indefinite income, reasonably in the asset allocation, maximum utility to obtain relatively high return, thus reduce the expenditure of multiple bring life pressure.


Will mortgage control is within 3000 yuan


According to the condition of Mr Qin now, when buying a house is a good choice of accumulation fund loan way. At present, the central bank for individual buys the first set of housing lending policies for down ratio can be as low as 30%. But if you want to purchase price 1 million house, if the first set according to the 30% pay down, the parents to take responsibility for up to 300000 dollars down, leaving 700000 yuan for the housing loan. According to the accumulation fund loan interest rate loan for 30 years estimates, monthly pay 3715.09 yuan. Stay stuck into the new house, every month to save 1000 yuan rent turned to be the month for the expenditure. But this and monthly balance paragraph after balance are still gaps. Reasonable for the month amount should be no higher than 40% of the total revenue.


Solution a: Suggestions will increase to 50% down payment proportion. At present belongs to the cause of the initial Mr Qin, so the accumulation of funds is insufficient, can be the first to parents lending capital of 500000 yuan. So the total loan amount is reduced, monthly owing on the loan is only 2653.53 yuan, not only reduced the monthly payment pressure, at the same time for the future investment accumulated capital.


Scheme 2: considering buying price is in 800000 yuan houses. If the parents deposit is limited, can control the house money 800000 yuan, 2972 yuan per month owing on the loan. Such not only parents won't feel financial strain, work start stage Mr Qin also can through the individual hard work and married two people together accumulated easily to repay the loan. After years of work to economic conditions allow again when improve housing conditions. As Mr Qin working years increased, the future promotion space is enormous, income rises gradually, repayment pressure will gradually ease. Considering the future baby plan, spend a lot of place, Mr. Qin to increase the deposit configuration as emergency reserve. Hand savings do not recommend advance owing on the loan, placed in short-term financial products on the value of the reserve.


Installment buying a car OR delayed two years to buy


Mr Qin plan 3 years get married, at the same time to buy a car for 150000 yuan car. According to the above ways such as measuring housing loans, the month for within 3000 yuan, the year balance of about 46000 yuan. Wedding car as a result of the husband and wife two people accumulated years of capital disposable use, is very sensible. Want to know vehicle purchase tax, insurance premium, new car maintenance and gasoline fees, these money can add up to a lot of expenses. Two design provides qin sir:


First, car price set in 100000 yuan or so, can the entire section pay, also can apply for bank interest-free credit card installment payment. Due to the installment payment, save money can buy bank low risk, liquidity strong financial products, the fund to be both safe and increase profitability, reduce repayment pressure.


Second, suggest putting off two years for cars, namely 5 years 150000 yuan to buy the car. The 46000 yuan a year balance in bank, if invest in annualised rate of return in 6% of robust products, five years will have accumulated more than 40000 yuan income, such not only easy car, at the same time can improve the quality of family life, but also for their children to JiaoYuJin reserve in advance.


Sell stock to buy the robust products JiaoYuJin ready


Mr Qin to through the financial management for child support after marriage, education to prepare. This is very right. Only plan before won't cram for.


At present, Mr. Qin has the stock investment of 30000 yuan, in view of the foreign market many uncertainty factors, as well as the a-share market performance slump, if capital loss is not big, it is suggested that sell into robust kind of investment products, such as long-term financing or bond fund, for future JiaoYuJin children early reserves. If loss serious, Mr. Qin to "cut the flesh," then will make ready to long-term investment. Always pay attention to the stock market fluctuation, wait for after upturn sell. Because the stock market investment need professional knowledge, do not suggest retail investors in the first wealth is investing in the stock market.


According to the current monthly mortgage payments situation, future plus vehicle installment loans, monthly balance limited. Mr Qin more to in daily life careful calculation and strict budgeting, reasonable consumption at the same time making the necessary savings. First of all to prepare the baby budget list, consider for a child to change life expenditure items, as far as possible in the round estimate the cost of all necessary project. From now on, every month should have plans on savings and investment.


First, to calculate the baby's financing gap, from now on to establish a savings account, a month from income balance and took the fixed part of a savings account. Savings have skills, can through the 0 put whole take way; Also can consider specific spending time, monthly to the time of the withdrawal way deposit, convenient to use at any time funds, effective utilization, profit maximization.


Second, it is suggested that accumulate 1000 yuan per month for index fund to be cast surely, small investment to establish long-term baby JiaoYuJin plan to annualised 7% of earnings estimates, continuous investment 20 years, the baby can be accumulated at the age of 16 nearly 520000 yuan JiaoYuJin, if the yield can reach 9%, the account will run up to about 670000 yuan, is the so-called small great input output. So Mr Qin in JiaoYuJin preparation problems with respect to be readily solved.

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