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Gome eight years since loss prospect pessimistic

Date:2012-09-07  Click:17374

For the first time in eight years losses, and prospect with pessimistic. Gome semi-annual report issued by the end of July performance preliminary loss report, confirmed the market worried about. Gome shares from early march high drop, already fell to nearly seventy percent. And early August, gome commercial real estate project "gome are" to three years ago, half of the offer, transfer to the hna group, from another side reflects the crisis of gome.


Three years, gome what happened?


Wong kwong-yu age on the capital operation and the expansion of the dominant industry competition environment, three years rapid changes happened. Since 2012, the traditional home appliance chain enterprises entering a transformation inflection point, in an increasingly blatant online offline price war, hardly see gome active figure.


On August 14, morning, jingdong mall LiuJiangDong CEO


Provoked everybody electric price war at any rate, is directed at su ning, gome. SuNingYi purchase vice President li bin immediately in micro bo silence battle, said that net friend if discover suning prices higher than jingdong, su ning will be immediate price adjustment, and to give 2 times the price difference settlement. But until August 14 in the evening, gome to the micro Po announced that all price is 5% lower commodity jingdong. An executive KuBa net wealth later told the new reporter, when jingdong and suning has played as a bee, they are also considering want to follow the price war, "in fact, the gome real price cut strength is big, only decision time is long. The essence of the problem is that no one dared clappers, there might even go to ask yellow boss's opinions."


Gome three years is the theme of "internal friction". Three years of the first half the time is known as a "ChenHuangZhi war", and from March 2011 ChenXiao leave gome later, cuckoo regression ruled, implemented a series of "to ChenXiaoHua" executives adjustment, in the more centralized new board of directors, internal management efficiency energy attenuation, team and produced a new round of internal friction.


Now, in the entity shop on intensive cultivation of suning has to gome realize the absolute win, and jingdong mall, SuNingYi purchase isoelectric their rise, make still sit on the fence hesitate to gome almost lost the timing of the rally. The personage inside course of study prophecy, gome is likely to disappear in the next five years. To gome this once the industry boss speaking, this prediction is bold and cruel, it will in the future become a reality?


Was su ning beat


Begin from 2010, gome's earnings growth has begun to appear to decline, but the real inflection point appeared in this year. Quarter, its operating income fell 28.62% year-on-year, attributable to shareholders of the parent company net profit fell 87.79% year-on-year, down to 67.39 million yuan, performance fall into historical lows. In the middle of the preliminary kui report is further shows that gome still have more low in the back.


On July 30,, gome biggest competitor su ning electric equipment issued the first half performance report, its realization business revenue of RMB 47.191 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.69%; Attributable to shareholders of a listed company net profit of 1.744 billion yuan, up 29.49% decline. The traditional home appliance industry are turning "decline", but a net loss of gome, suning and there are 1.7 billion yuan net profit compared, just due to economic environment deterioration, and home appliance chain industry faces such as rents, human resources, such as the rise in the cost of objective factors, reason appears far-fetched. Before 2009, whether store quantity or the income scale, gome are stronger than su ning.


2009 years later, the gome to slow down the pace of expansion, ChenXiao will focus on wong kwong-yu age advocates "to set up shop drive revenue growth" strategy to "network optimization and improve constructions profitability". And SuNingZe launched more rapidly than ever before the horse race enclosure. In 2010, a net increase of suning stores nearly 400 home, and gome group net only about 200. Gome to return to yellow house after control, put forward the cuckoo in 2011 will have a net increase of 480 stores, but the actual finished only the 282. In 2011, suning domestic new open chain stores amounted to 398, overseas markets open 12 new home.


The second half of 2010 cuckoo stepwise regression gome, comprehensive negative ChenXiao era of core strategy, in the "gome five years strategy" in resubmission expansion planning. Including intensify efforts to focus on key areas such as store expansion. But, "its circumstances alter cases,", in 2011, the speed of urbanization by macro economic weakness of the influence of the slowdown in overall, the real estate recession drag everyone electric renewal speed. Meanwhile, the quality of commercial real estate rental is rising year by year.


In the home appliances observers liu buchen opinion, home appliance chain has welcomed inflection point, simple store expansion on the growth of pulling the play won't work. 12 stores market saturation, three level 4 market is area power resistance, at the same time, haier, gree, midea, and other enterprises are in the township market based on a large number of own marketing channels, gome, suning off-line expansion unsustainable.


Gome insiders also to wealth new reporters revealed says, gome in the first half of this year appear losses, is not only the electric business business losses, the greater problem is that most of the entity shop are all losing money in. Gome has launched self-help, close losses and hopelessness eliminate losses stores, at the same time cut operation area, the goal is the end of the business area reduced by 10% - 15%, ranging from 170 to 250 stores.


Since 2009, gome launch more outstanding 3 c products "new living museum" model, in order to improve benefit of constructions. But the personage inside course of study to wealth new reporter said the attempt to store in addition to adding some fashion elements, but did not break through its inherent business model. The past su ning and now gome entity stores, basically be when supplier "principal tenant" big box model. This store mode was in ChenXiao last year by the "hidden rules", he said if gome stores once open to two level 3 cities also insist on such patterning must die. Nowadays, gome seems to be trying to pick up the past ChenXiao time to pay attention to the development of constructions benefit pattern, emphasizing the fine management to constructions, single product and single, but "problems" and in front. XinQi day electric CEO left yingjie said, "the current gome and suning spell is fine, with extensive people do fine, it is difficult to. We all like recruitment SuNingLai, they are all suning fine operation training out, solid work, more obey. And gome is not the same, their team is on the basis of extensive expansion grew up, some gome to the filial piety, mouth closed all like to talk about burn money."


In early march this year, gome on a large scale and organization structure adjustment, in the basis of the original vice President add four business vice President, each department all independent accounting and independent decision-making power. Gome insiders to wealth new reporters revealed that the new organizational structure of the basic design idea is built with the brand and strategic planning as the leader, procurement, sales management system division system as the core, IT information technology, logistics and after-sales, finance, human resources, and support system for the service platform of the matrix organization. Gome President WangJunZhou said this is a "reform to capillary adjustment", on the one hand, is to enhance the operational efficiency of the entity shop, but at the same time more is the electronic commerce the layout of the plate.


Gome looks and not idle, but contrast old rival suning do during the same period, you will find the country these efforts, it really is a bit late.


Su ning in the spring of 2010 launch electric business platform SuNingYi purchase, two years later, the China electrical business the first five strong. Su ning also in 2011 autumn puts forward from traditional electric appliance retailers to "wal-mart + amazon" new template strategic transition, on the one hand, emphasize offline and online store electric business platform channels synchronous hair force, on the other hand, from the management category in an all-round way "to DianQiHua". Last year, suning tesco shi life square store opening, and su ning electric equipment to realize double brand operation. Tesco shi life square adopts full operating sales, the goal is to become like wal-mart that all category comprehensive retailers.


From the state of mind going to the actual strain, gome is almost "step slow, slow climb step by step", suning put almost is a kind of inevitable.


Sit on the fence double brand electric business


Recently one or two years the rise of electrical business, especially jingdong mall momentum of development, to include su ning, gome home appliances chain, the traditional put real pressure.


Earlier this year, the third party data research institutions Beijing yi kang consulting company for more than 7000 home appliance chain stores to carry on the investigation, we found that electrical products in traditional home appliance sells the sales growth has shrunk by 20%, and in e-commerce platform average growth above 150%. But electricity quotient in the 3 c products field to offline channel erosion more cruel.


And su ning in the electrical business field the strong investment, compared to bite the bullet, gome rhythm slow more than one clap, strategy also appears vague. In 2011 data, for example, jingdong mall self-supporting and third party open platform to realize sales of 26 billion yuan, SuNingYi purchase sales for 5.9 billion yuan; Gome and the KuBa net sales is 2.2 billion yuan only. In the first half of this year, suning online business revenue grew 105.53% to 5.28 billion yuan, close to last year's level. And according to gome five year plan, the electronic business future will reach 15 billion yuan sales scale, to take 15% of China's e-commerce market scale.


At first, whether gome or su ning, in "electric shock" in the question shows hesitation, they are afraid of the same problem: online and offline price of left and right hands mutual stroke. In January 2010 SuNingYi purchase online, gome online mall foreign still claim to be "mode is difficult to explore the great breakthrough". Until November 2010, gome announced with 48 million yuan investment KuBa net gain 80% stake. "At that time ChenXiao acquisition KuBa, on the one hand, is to eliminate a rival, in addition, KuBa sounds and gome has not related, online offline of left and right hands mutual stroke won't like su ning and SuNingYi purchase so obvious." ZuoYingJie wealth to new reporter analysis says.


Purchase a performance and brands are also good KuBa, look be like is in electric business field breakthrough a shortcut. But that time has WangJunZhou gome President of wealth new reporter said, "KuBa network as e-commerce platform out low-cost sales, is bound to gome, including all offline home appliance chain have impact."


Sure enough, gome and KuBa later cooperation is not smooth, "the two sides in the settlement system of cohesion is not smooth." A gome insiders told reporters new wealth. A KuBa network management for wealth people new reporter also said, KuBa use gome channel take goods have been also not, "foster son" identity discrimination. Gome and later started the self-built electrical goods brand, in April 2011 online gome online mall. KuBa position thus more embarrassed, two big brands operating further form "the dry each" situation. In 2011, KuBa and gome online mall appear respectively 194 million yuan and 197 million yuan net loss.


In the first half of 2012, gome bought KuBa remaining 20% equity, at the same time adjust high-rise structure to take full control of KuBa, so as to realize double brand electric business platform pattern. KuBa usher in the first change, is the founder of the WangZhiQuan out. Gome shenyang branch general manager took the DingDongHua KuBa network CEO, and at the same time, gome concurrently online mall main person in charge of gome shandong branch general manager of the original HanDePeng continued to serve as gome online mall general manager.


August 1,, gome group formally completed and KuBa mall in ERP (enterprise resource management system) and logistics on the butt. However, the person's butt forever ratio system butt to difficulties. Almost no electric business experience of airborne regional manager, maybe to get through the internal system, but can let KuBa represents in the future, at present still has a lot of questions.


But the country is the double electric business platform strategy make market feel confused. Gome itself is its intention to keep a, i.e., the price of KuBa strict locking jingdong and SuNingYi purchase, protect the gome online mall pricing don't follow counterparts, in order to protect offline entity shop price system. But according to gome mall insiders revealed that in the actual execution process, and no product difference between two platform is a part of a internal friction and competition.


Earlier, the industry is reportedly said gome two big electric commodity brand will merge at the end of the year, but the above gome mall people tell fortune new reporters, gome two big electric commodity brand won't merge. "Have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in, KuBa also now have some brand awareness, merger is not cost-effective. ZuoYingJie think, now gome in the electrical business strategic some be in for it.


From the beginning of 2012, zhang near east has been thoroughly want to understand, offline has no better brand can play, so claiming "electric quotient is decided to suning future life and death important weight," and SuNingYi purchase put forward at the end of 2012 to try to realize "the downside for 20 billion yuan, 30 billion yuan" the sales target. He asked "group of up and down tesco development must give full unconditional support".


According to gome five year plan, its electric business future will reach 15 billion yuan sales scale, accounting for 15% of China's e-commerce market scale. But gome electrical business strategy but is still in the swing, the result is step by step behind rivals. ShenYin all the nations in a research report will day cats, jingdong, easy to purchase, amazon, dangdang five companies listed as B2C market main compete for person, gome's gome online mall and KuBa shopping net all are not listed.


Good advice not to decision-making


In the home appliance industry analysts LiangZhenPeng opinion, the decline of gome is just the beginning, "gome this year year the range of the losses are likely to be great."


A gome middle management persons in wealth new reporters say, three years gome is backward, the core problem to management internal friction. Since the "Chen yellow war" big energy-sapping later, the cuckoo's gome centralized trend serious, the senior management team authority is contraction, internal management lack of energy efficiency.


A new example is in Beijing, "721" heavy rains that day, a gome middle management personnel pay attention to micro bo on the Chinese LiangZi company foreign propaganda open its all chain, receive the heavy rain can not be home pedestrians, provide free accommodation and drinks. He realized that it was a perfect brand promotion opportunity, promptly to the executive layer leadership call ask for instructions open all the gome stores, but the proposal but disappear forever, did not receive any reply.


Make him regret things much more than this one. As soon as new marketing way, products or services, he to the leadership of the gome advised, "such as I imagined open a more open, more heavy experience stores, gome will hit to cause a consumer eat want to gome, want to go to the toilet gome new image. But at that time merely to decorate a standard, there are five or six departments assessment me, to the later was not achieve."


The gome middle personage thinks, gome executives layer now stick out like a sore thumb, basically in a state of "doing nothing" maintaining the status quo. "Senior didn't right, we do it is not power. But easy to corruption, some people can remove'll fish, some people really stay not just choose to leave."


Cuckoo return after gome, the executive team gradually adjusted. Gome ZhangDaZhong appointment for non-executive director and chairman of the board, and the original wong kwong-yu clique and suspected "close ChenXiaoPa" WangJunZhou, etc WeiQiu by finding the board of directors, in "Chen yellow war" play an important role in the ZouXiaoChun become gome authorized representative. Gome the current executive director including ZouXiaoChun and wu ginger, are in operation of the capital has the deep background, but not good at specific business operation.


Gome executives team, including WangJunZhou, WeiQiuLi, such as MouGui first from gome internal grow up and have the traditional electric appliance retail chain operation and management experience. But a gome insiders told wealth new reporter, now of the gome executives layer and not too big decision-making power, "size things need to be upward ask for instructions, even if it is a deputy director level personnel advancement, all need cuckoo instructions."


In LiangZhenPeng point of view, the current gome board of directors in layman, so the decision of the director board, management does not necessarily will be listening to. On the one hand without management decision-making power, on the other hand the members of the board of directors in the chain management and have no experience advantage, this leads to a lot of decision from the proposal to the final decisions will take a long time, even a lot of good Suggestions, not to decision-making.


Earlier this year, another gome insiders wealth to new reporters said, cuckoo to grasp business very tight, compare the primary. Gome and can't get expected recovery, main problems or external environment on the impact of offline retail beyond imagination. Plus soul wong kwong-yu "absence", gome in the management thinking has disrupted, after all, cuckoo not as a near east that, can in a short time were forced to make rapid transformation of the major decision.


In the gome insiders point of view, the current gome who grow from traditional retail management team, has profound changes to the market consumption of phenomenon, consumer behavior and consumer psychology is not sensitive. He introduces, the current gome, still use the traditional management thinking before work, but also to everyone pie sales tasks, layer upon layer down. He thinks that future home appliance chains the most important change is way of thinking. Sell home appliance people can't thinking about himself was selling home appliance, but to the home appliance as coke to sell. "They don't realize that now the play have changed, and a few people to entity shop to buy products? Gome if not hurriedly transformation do flagship store, department stores, community shops, the future is no way out."


On June 28 this year, gome new appointed a non-executive director them, its background is bain capital a subsidiary company's partner. 40 years old this year here, in 2008 to join bain before, is overflow of group global sourcing and managing director of the supply chain, the was appointed to superintend gome non-executive director of fixed term since June, 2012 and day for a period of three years. It seems bain began to sit still.

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