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Index > News > In 2015, magnetic stripe card comprehensive delisted

In 2015, magnetic stripe card comprehensive delisted

Date:2012-09-07  Click:16631

China jiangsu network on August 21 reporter yesterday from the city pedestrian was informed that, in order to further guarantee bank card account security, facilitate the majority of their citizens, zhuhai will speed up the bank card chip change process, various commercial bank will pilot implementation of the chip bank card, make sure to 2015, magnetic stripe card comprehensive delisted.


City pedestrian technology branch deputy head of the office QinShuLiang introduction, chip bank card and say financial IC card. Compared with the traditional magnetic stripe CARDS, financial IC card has a higher security, and capacity big, can store key, digital certificate, the information such as fingerprints, and have read and write protection and data encryption protection function, has a higher security. At the same time, the financial IC card copy difficulty is extremely high, have strong ability against the attack, can effectively guard against false card crime cases.


Financial IC card have access cash, credit card consumption, transfer settlement, investment banking, electronic purse and other functions. QinShuLiang explanation, the future financial IC card will not only into the market, even the markets will also cover, "on the one hand, the consumers will save change of trouble; on the other hand, CaiShang also won't be false money trouble."


Pedestrian taizhou center branch concerned personage says, at the present time the Banks have received notice, are preparing the chip card issuance and hardware system transformation and upgrade.


So, now in the hands of people more than 300 zhang magnetic stripe bank card? City pedestrian relevant person in charge said that in a relatively long period of time, two card can and. According to introducing, at present the most POS machine has been successfully upgrades, two card can brush. At present, is actively developing ATM machine upgrading project, and strive to the end of the year all ATM machine can accept the normal financial IC card.

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