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Chinese medical devices industry investment analysis and prospect forecast report

Date:2012-09-07  Click:12233

Medical equipment industry is a multidisciplinary cross, knowledge intensive, capital intensive high technology industry, enter the high threshold. At present Chinese medical organization overall medical equipment level is still very low, in the national basic medical and health institutions of medical instrument and equipment, 15% the left and right sides is the 1970 s around products, 60% is the mid 1980 s previous products, they renewal process is a demand release process, will ensure that the next 10 years or even a longer period of time China's medical equipment market fast growth.


Chinese medical instrument gross industrial output value since the 1990 s has been growing rapidly, the average growth has remained at 12% - 15% of the level. With the deepening of reform and opening up, the national support and increasing global integration, the quickening of the process of China's medical equipment industry has obtained the development which progresses by leaps and bounds.


After the economic crisis cold snap and demand of, 2010 years, China's medical equipment industry finally have exported a large growth situation. In the first half of the total import and export medical devices based on super billions of dollars, the second half of the import and export trade is a growing trend to continue, the total import and export volume exceeded $20 billion for the first time mark. In 2011, China's medical equipment import and export trade development momentum hold up well, and medical equipment import and export trade imbalance situation improved: the total import and export volume reached 26.598 billion us dollars, up by 54.43%.


The new medical reform explicitly pointed out that, the country will be enlarged year by year the public health system and urban communities and rural grassroots medical and health construction. Along with the medical equipment enterprise further deep excavation "go to the countryside + community" market, and constantly adjust the upgrading of the industrial structure and the situation, the medical instrument industry has entered the fast development period.


In the next few years, two, three line of the county town, villages and towns of grassroots medical institutions will be the top priority of the Chinese medical equipment market, including the Midwest economic backward area is also the future development of key. As these regions consumption strength growth, after the reform of state investment increasing, area county growth space will be quite broad.

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